Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS

People wear watches every day, but smartwatches are now replacing these traditional watches for good reasons. Smartwatches are not just fashionable timepieces. These are also valuable investments. Other than the basic timekeeping features, smartwatches are packed with advanced features that make them look great and functional.

Why Buy Smartwatches?

There are many good reasons to invest in smartwatches. These digital watches do not just tell time but are packed with numerous capabilities. Aside from looking great on someone’s wrist, smartwatches perform different functions like a fitness tracker, GPS device and can even receive messages and respond to them. Smartwatches undeniably offer something different and are loaded with the best features that you cannot find in ordinary watches. One of the biggest features is connectivity. These smartwatches are fully compatible with Android phones and iOS.

With social media being widespread and popular these days, smartwatches prove to be a great investment for you. This is simply because smartwatches allow you to see notifications on your social media accounts. Some of these watches simply show your social media activities and messages to others and enable you to interact with the application as well. But individuals are advised to be extra careful when interacting with the application.

These are but a few good reasons why you must invest in smartwatches today. There might be countless choices available, but only a few are compatible with Android phones and iOS.

Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS-The Best Deal You Can Buy Today

If you are planning to purchase a new smartwatch that guarantees better functionality and more connectivity, for Android Phones and iOS can be your best bet. This is a high-quality smartwatch providing advanced features other than timekeeping. You can use this with your smartphone. With internet access, this smartwatch can boast its potential capabilities like calendar synchronization, GPS navigation, message notifications, and can even allow you to make calls, send and receive messages.

The Best Features You Can Expect from Willful Smart Watch for Android Phones and iOS

This smartwatch is packed with great features making this watch a worthy investment and great addition to watch collections. If you want to upgrade and say goodbye to your traditional watch, this smartwatch is for you. The following are top-rated features you can expect from Willful Smart Watch:

  • Designed for Men and Women

Smartwatch can be worn from casual to formal outfit for work. This is a good choice for both women and men. This can make you look more stylish and style because this is packed with modern features like a responsive and full HD touch screen, user-friendly menu, and more. This watch can give men and women data that can motivate them to stay active or work more.

  • Compatibility

The smartwatch is highly compatible with most iOS as well as Android smartphones. You can get calls and texts, calendar details, emails, and notifications from your smartphone app. This also supports reading messages right on this smartwatch.

  • Fitness Tracker and Heart Monitor

The Willful Smart Watch can track your daily steps automatically, as well as your sleep quality, distance, and heart rate 24/7. This is water-resistant, so you can wear this without worries when swimming

  • Activity Tracker

This smartwatch also supports sport mode covering workouts, hiking, walking, running, yoga, and more. This can provide you with detailed insights for your activities the entire day.

  • GPS

The GPS feature of this smartwatch can connect to your smartphone for a more accurate distance and a real-time pace.

  • Practical Tools

This watch comes with more practical tools and functions for a more amazing, modern, and …

Best VPN for iPhone

If you are searching for a VPN for iPhone, but you are bombarded by the options available, you are in the right place. This article will cover the best VPN for iPhone to keep your expensive safe and sound online.

As acclaimed and much admired as Apple is for its awareness and attention against governments’ intrusive attempts to servile iOS devices, the best way iPhone users can get real and utmost privacy is by utilizing a or Virtual Private Network.

Aside from ensuring digital privacy by avoiding authorities and your ISP or internet service provider from tracking you, also it can boost security on the public internet, Wi-Fi and assist you in accessing sites and watching the content prohibited in your location.

Here are the Best VPNs for iPhone

All the Virtual Private Networks mentioned below have been chosen very carefully by experts. By far, these are the best virtual private network for the iPhone. Keep on reading to know why.


This is considered one of the best VPN for iPhone. It is amazingly and consistently fast, has remarkable features as well as reliably unblocks many services.

ExpressVPN is a remarkable service provider that has been in the business for many years and has proven its reliability. The iOS mobile app is user-friendly and offers all the needed privacy features to keep data safe and sound from hackers and your internet service provider. It has a kill-switch feature and implements a stern OpenVPN encryption. They are servers from 94 countries, so meaning you can block an endless list of services online and sites from all over the world.

Customer service and support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week through live chat and has friendly and knowledgeable agents. This also allows installing the software on up to five simultaneous devices that are valuable, considering the limitless data allowance.


This is a user-friendly VPN app for iPhone devices. Despite the low price point, users can expect decent and remarkable performance and privacy.  This service provider has headquartered in Romania, which has a remarkable no logs policy, security settings, as well as powerful OpenVPN encryption. This VPN allows you to access online content without being monitored both at home as well as public Wi-Fi.

This VPN for iPhone is user-friendly and priced amazingly, making it ideal for iPhone users with a limited budget. This service provider offers a forty-day money-back warranty and has 90 servers from all parts of the world. It offers amazing customer support and provides access to most viewed services like BBC, Netflix US, and iPlayer.

Private Internet Access

Are you looking for a reliable and easy to use VPN for iPhone? Look no further than PIA or Private Internet Access. This is a very secure VPN for iOS and iPhone users. They offer no-logging policy and superb encryption to keep all your iPhone safe and sound.

PIA is based in the US and has apps for all platforms, and users can utilize it on ten simultaneous devices. So, meaning you can use it on iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and even on Windows and Android PCs and phones. This makes PIS ideal for families. With this VPN, you get loads of ways to sort out the app and could set up the virtual private network precisely as you want. The setting is secure, so your data will be safe at public and home Wi-Fi.


This VPN for iPhone is filled with value. Available for a low price, Surfshark is fast, secure as well as is able to unblock major streaming services. This is both reliable …

Difference between Oviparous and Viviparous Animals

The animal kingdom is a large thing, and it includes different species, processes, and hosts to complete its function in the world. Connected to that, there are topics called oviparous and viviparous. Have you heard of it before? If not yet, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. This article will teach the basic facts about these topics that have roles and importance in the whole processing of the ecosystem. So, without further ado, let’s start now!

What is Oviparous?

Oviparous animals are entities known as egg-laying. Animals included in this category have observed internal fertilization and embryo development but through external means. Also, oviparous animals use hard eggshells to support a sturdy protection of their offspring. Once the fetus has come to its mature age, the egg will then hatch and reveal a new wonderful creature. Another thing, oviparity is the name of egg-laying features that only included animals in this category can make. Below are only some of the well-known and most common oviparous animals:

  • Frogs
  • Birds
  • All fishes

Aside from that, reptiles are also known as oviparous animals except for some species of snake. On the other hand, Echidna and platypus are also oviparous yet classified as mammals. Now, let us move forward to viviparous.

What is Viviparous?

If oviparous is the egg-laying animal, viviparous, on the other hand, is the animal that gives birth to an offspring. There is an occurred development of fertilization and embryo inside a female animal’s body wherein another creature starts the quest for its life. Here, there is an observed matrotrophy. Below are some examples of viviparous animals:

  • Humans
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Elephants

So what is the difference?

With that mentioned information, differences between the oviparous and viviparous animals can be easily identified. Let us put it forward one by one:

  • First is that oviparous animals do lay their unfertilized or fertilized eggs in a proper and safe location to ensure its development. One example of that is the laying of eggs of turtles on the seashore to multiply its population. On the other hand, viviparous animals give birth to offspring, which grew inside the female animal body.
  • The development of offspring in the oviparous category can be both external and internal while on viviparous only internal.
  • In terms of the development of the zygote, the oviparous animals make it occur outside the embryo while the viviparous make it inside.
  • For the nutrition, oviparous animals support their offspring through the embryo, specifically from the egg yolk. This is where the needed nutrients are placed to support the growth of an offspring. On the other hand, the viviparous animals support their offspring right from the mother that carries it inside the womb. Just like in humans, whatever the mother consumes, its nutrients will be shared by the offspring living inside the womb.

Both oviparous and viviparous animals are interesting and amazing. Aside from that, both have their own characteristics, which makes it unique from one another. The only common thing shared by these two is the aim to reproduce animals to keep the balance within the ecosystem.…

Best hosting site for e-commerce 2020

Website mejores hosting mexico  holds a crucial role in the uplift of businesses across the globe. How to select the best hosting for e-commerce and what are the advantages of selecting a website hosting plan for the site? Theses questions can be heard frequently from the newbies doing online businesses. The selection of a reliable web hosting plan is found to be very effective to promote the performance of the site.

The low performance of the site is a common cause reported for the decrease in the number of targeted groups of audiences. Delayed loading of the site can not only reduce the existing customers but can also decrease the new customers from entering the site. When you do surveys, you can see that many of the inexperienced people had tried their career in the internet marketing field. Hence the need for the support team is very important to assist the newbies in clarifying their queries.

Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers


A 24/7 support team is one of the main features that highlight the platform from other non-reliable hosting sites. At present, you can check the reliability of the site by verifying the surveys done by the existing and previous customers across the world. To get optimum results, feel free to select a reliable site with maximum positive reviews. The management of content in the site is an essential factor to consider while doing internet businesses. The selection of a reliable hosting plan from the site assures enhanced data management.

Content management as per the requirement is very important to obtain optimum results in internet businesses. The uploaded content in the site should be of considerable length to obtain the best results in the marketing field. Hence any limit in content uploading can adversely affect the normal functioning of the site. The data management in the site needs to be unlimited to obtain the best results in businesses. Hence those people in search of an ideal web hosting plan to run their businesses are suggested to opt for the web hosting plan with unlimited data management options.

At present, small to large scale businesses are making use of the best web hosting plans to run their businesses. The need for scalability is one of the main options discussed while doing the promotions of the site. At present, many of the free web hosting plans are available in the market with limited space. Unavailable space for the provision of the content can adversely affect the improvement in businesses. This condition can be alleviated by making use of the paid web hosting plans instead of free plans. It allows an enhanced scalability option by providing enough space to upload and change the data as per the requirement.

Hacking is one of the common problems reported in present-day life. The selection of the best hosting plan is found to be very effective in ensuring the security level of the site. At present, the majority of the plans are available with an enhanced security option to prevent the risk of hacking. Registered domain and email category list is very important to promote the businesses all over the world. Apart from providing relevant domain names and email category lists, you can also make use of the web hosting plans to get the most wanted SEO techniques.…

7 Best Video Downloading Apps for Android

Today there are many free and very good applications for downloading videos on Android. Most of the tools offer the possibility to download any kind of video, in different formats and quality.

Because there are many applications on Android that allow this incredible feature, here we will evaluate the 7 best applications that can be downloaded on Android: to download all kinds of videos.

1. Videoder 10

This is an amazing tool for downloading videos, and it is also one of the newest tools.

The interface of this tool is very easy to understand for anyone, with Videoder 10 you can download both videos and audio in any format.

One of the most striking features of this tool is that it allows us to create a list of videos to download automatically. This feature could certainly save us a lot of time.

2. TubeMate

TubeMate is one of the oldest applications, and also one of the most used. Like the first application, TubeMate’s main feature offers us the opportunity to download any type of video on any platform.

This application has become a bit outdated, however it is still very good and functional.

In addition, there is an improved version of TubeMate, without any ads, and with an incredible design based on Material Design, and it also receives more frequent updates.

3. SnapTube

SnapTube is one of the most complete applications we can get for free. It has features that provide many benefits, plus this application receives constant improvements and updates.

It is necessary to emphasize that SnapTube allows to download videos and music from any existing platform in Internet.

So this application not only offers the opportunity to download videos from YouTube, but also allows you to download videos from other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

SnapTube has an integrated browser from which we can browse any website in search of any video we want to download.

SnapTube has other very interesting features such as being able to access the most popular videos. In addition, SnapTube’s design and interface is very easy to understand.

4. YouTube Downloader

This is an incredible application, of course it is very good but the functions are limited.

YouTube Downloader is an application created by Dentex, a user who knows a lot about software. This application is very famous and widely used.

It is comfortable and easy to use, you can download videos directly from YouTube with total comfort.

5. NewPipe

, widely used by many people, is one of the best, and the reason is that it allows you to download videos from any platform, and in any format.

It is important to be able to download videos in high quality, with this application it is possible. In addition, it receives constant updates that allow to maintain the functionality and security of NewPipe.

Many users recommend this application, it is ideal for downloading any type of video. It also has the feature that allows you to play the video in the background before downloading it.

It is important to note that this application is free software, so you can modify it to your liking.

6. YouTube GO

If your main goal is to download videos from YouTube, this application is ideal for you.

This application is very light, contains no errors, is very easy to use and receives constant updates.

You can also use YouTube normally, and besides that, you can download any kind of video that exists on YouTube, you can also choose the quality in which you want to download the video.

The videos download very fast, …

What to Pack when Traveling with Kids

  1. Locate drug and grocery stores close to your hotel. They are your cheap source for water, snacks, diapers and milk. Carry some low-sugar snacks for the trip as well.
  2. Reserve a microwave, skip the fridge if there is a minibar. Book a pack n play.
  3. Pack your child's meds, including painkiller/fever reducer, teething pain relief, gas relief, sunblock and topical antihistamine. TSA allows meds, milk and juice more than 3.4 oz in carry on bags.
  4. Carry a few favorite (small) toys, games, books, and some new cheap toys as well. Pack activity books, crayons and stickers for toddlers and up. Many kid-friendly hotels have games and DVDs you can check out.
  5. Avoid packing too many white clothes. Stick to off-white, earthy colors and prints that hide messes.
  6. If you have kids in diapers, pack a little powdered detergent in a ziploc bag.
  7. Bring lots of wipes. Baby wipes double as family face wipes. Antibacterial (Wet Ones) wipes are useful too.
  8. Pack ziploc bags (in different sizes), rubber bands, a few plastic cutlery and some tupper-ware.
  9. Ask the car rental company if they can provide a complimentary car seat (Hertz does under AAA promotion).
  10. Finally, don't over-schedule. Vacations are for relaxing and kids get tired fast.

Why Travel to Guatemala, Central America?

Whether it is an obsession with a certain destination or simple curiosity about the culture, what makes tourists want to visit certain places such as with the exotic and culturally diverse destination of Guatemala? Located in Central America set amidst the borders of the Honduras, Mexico and Belize, Guatemala has long been a popular vacation destination for adventure enthusiasts. The lush country is also popular among expats and is a prime real estate choice for those looking to own a second home or a retirement destination.

The mountainous country is as rich culturally as it is historically and is known for its historical Mayan Ruins. Visitors to Guatemala generally include tourists who enjoy lush natural terrains providing the ultimate playground for adventure travelers who enjoy exciting expeditions, activities and more. Other visitors to Guatemala include archaeologists, students and scholars with an interest in the anthropological aspects of the region.

Among the various things to do and to include during your visit to Guatemala is a visit to the Mayan Ruins of Tikal or El Mirador both of which are quite interesting. The beautiful Central American country also features beautiful beaches, hiking, zip lining tours, fishing junkets, jungle adventures and much more. While visiting Guatemala check out the Pacaya Volcano which is popular among climbers and hikers.

The country of Guatemala is known for its unique and color textiles and hand-made products. There is a local market known as Chichicastenango which features vendors and artisans with exquisite hand-made artwork, fabrics and much more. This is one of the top things to do while visiting the country and an opportunity to view an excellent selection of artisan quality goods.

The Pacaya volcano is one of the top attractions for hikers and adventure travelers. Active since 1965, the Pacaya volcano can be hiked with a guide or alone depending on the season. When traveling with a guide you have the optimum opportunity for experiencing the best of Guatemala. Guatemala City is the capitol of the country of Guatemala and is the main gateway with tourists flying directly into the La Aurora International Airport.

Vancouver Travel Tips – Jericho Beach Park

Jericho Beach Park – Things to do

Jericho Beach Park is located in a quieter area of Vancouver, nearing the University of British Columbia. You get to that area of town by taking West 4th Avenue west toward the UBC Campus and then stopping near or at Alma Streat. One thing that really makes this park stick out is that it is not really a commercial area so if you want somewhere nice to have a picnic without all the fast food joints and clubs then this is certainly it.

There are loads of things to do is this area including:

(1) Swimming. Although the water isn't the greatest and even though swimming outdoors is Canada without a thermal wetsuit might only be adviseable for about 8 weeks a year there are still a lot of people in the water at Jericho Beach during the summer months.

(2) Investigating the beaches at low tides. All kinds of plants, crabs, and fish get left behind when the shores recede each day and there are often kids out there taking a look and learning about the local flora and fauna.

(3) On numerous occasions I have seen people fishing off the docks and crabbing. I do not know if they are doing so legally so check to see if a license is required. Legal or not however they are very successful as crabs seem to get caught with every launch.

If you aren't interested in the above activities there are other things to do in the area, including (4) kayaking, (5) wind sailing, and (6) tennis.

For nearby accommodation there is a hostel nearby for backpackers (see my reviews of Jericho Beach Hostel) or stay in the Shaughnessy area (there's a Holiday Inn). Parking is paid in this park so be sure to factor that cost into your day.…

Traveling to the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Falkland Island/Islas Malvinas

Located off the coast of Argentina, more British occupied Falkland Islands is a barren, isolated island popular as a stop for those on Antarctica cruises. The real draw to the islands is its diverse wildlife.


The island has five different breeds of penguins alone. In addition to penguins, the Island is popular for sighting sea lions, albatross, a variety of sea birds and seals.

Getting There

The Falkland Island is remote and fairly inaccessible. Despite being closer to Argentina than Chile, there are no direct flights to the island from Argentina. The only way to access the islands international airport in Mount Pleasant on East Falkland is either through Puntas Arenas, Chile (via Santiago) or from England on a military flight that makes a quick stop at Ascension Island on the route. The airfare costs approximately $1,000 roundtrip (return flight) from Chile, on LAN airlines, alone, and only fly’s on Saturday. A sample airfare from NYC to Mount Pleasant (via Chile) was approximately $2,300 as of January 2020.

The Island

The main city on the Island is Stanley, the only place on the island where amenities such as a bank can be found. Accommodations must be booked prior to entering the island and there are not many budget options. Because of the extreme weather during the Southern Hemispheres winter (and lack of wildlife) it is not really worth visiting the islands other outside the months of October through March. The best months to go (and also the most expensive) are November, December, January, and February.


There are two major tour companies that organize trips on the Falkland Islands from the United States, but Adventure Life, located in Montana offers the better deal for just Falkland trips without any additional cruise added on. Even so, an eight day wildlife tour on the island started at $3,050, including accommodations, some meals, tours on the island and internal flights on the island.…

Clip Air Concept Would Combine Train and Air Travel

A recent article in Gizmag reports that a Swiss company called École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a way to simply air travel, essentially combining it with travel by train.

One generally travels by air currently by going to the air port in a car, parking or being let off, waiting in a long line for baggage claim, waiting in another long line for security checks, taking the air trip, then getting ones baggage, then taking a cab or rented car to one's destination.

EPFL has developed a project called Clip Air that allows one to board a "module" at a train station. Each module would be 98 ft long and weigh 29.5 tons. The module would be taken to an air port where it would be attached to a flying wing, which would take off, fly to the destination airport, then attached to a train which would then go to a station insider the destination city. Baggage and security checks would only happen at the train station.

The flying wing vehicle would be capable of taking up to three modules at a time, with a potential passenger capacity of 450 people. Each module can be specialized for first class, second class, or cargo. The flying wing could run on a variety of biofuels or liquid hydrogen. The flying wing plane could operate from a conventional air port, modified to allow for the rapid detachment of a module from a train and attachment to the flying wing and visa versa.

Freight could be loaded at a rail stop at a factory or distribution center into a module and then shipped by the air port where the module would be attached to a plane and then taken to its destination.

The Clip Air plane remains a concept and a full scale model is still years away from becoming reality. In the meantime, a nearly four feet model of the Clip Air plane will be on display at the 2019 Paris Air Show.…