Best VPN for iPhone

If you are searching for a VPN for iPhone, but you are bombarded by the options available, you are in the right place. This article will cover the best VPN for iPhone to keep your expensive safe and sound online.

As acclaimed and much admired as Apple is for its awareness and attention against governments’ intrusive attempts to servile iOS devices, the best way iPhone users can get real and utmost privacy is by utilizing a or Virtual Private Network.

Aside from ensuring digital privacy by avoiding authorities and your ISP or internet service provider from tracking you, also it can boost security on the public internet, Wi-Fi and assist you in accessing sites and watching the content prohibited in your location.

Here are the Best VPNs for iPhone

All the Virtual Private Networks mentioned below have been chosen very carefully by experts. By far, these are the best virtual private network for the iPhone. Keep on reading to know why.


This is considered one of the best VPN for iPhone. It is amazingly and consistently fast, has remarkable features as well as reliably unblocks many services.

ExpressVPN is a remarkable service provider that has been in the business for many years and has proven its reliability. The iOS mobile app is user-friendly and offers all the needed privacy features to keep data safe and sound from hackers and your internet service provider. It has a kill-switch feature and implements a stern OpenVPN encryption. They are servers from 94 countries, so meaning you can block an endless list of services online and sites from all over the world.

Customer service and support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week through live chat and has friendly and knowledgeable agents. This also allows installing the software on up to five simultaneous devices that are valuable, considering the limitless data allowance.


This is a user-friendly VPN app for iPhone devices. Despite the low price point, users can expect decent and remarkable performance and privacy.  This service provider has headquartered in Romania, which has a remarkable no logs policy, security settings, as well as powerful OpenVPN encryption. This VPN allows you to access online content without being monitored both at home as well as public Wi-Fi.

This VPN for iPhone is user-friendly and priced amazingly, making it ideal for iPhone users with a limited budget. This service provider offers a forty-day money-back warranty and has 90 servers from all parts of the world. It offers amazing customer support and provides access to most viewed services like BBC, Netflix US, and iPlayer.

Private Internet Access

Are you looking for a reliable and easy to use VPN for iPhone? Look no further than PIA or Private Internet Access. This is a very secure VPN for iOS and iPhone users. They offer no-logging policy and superb encryption to keep all your iPhone safe and sound.

PIA is based in the US and has apps for all platforms, and users can utilize it on ten simultaneous devices. So, meaning you can use it on iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and even on Windows and Android PCs and phones. This makes PIS ideal for families. With this VPN, you get loads of ways to sort out the app and could set up the virtual private network precisely as you want. The setting is secure, so your data will be safe at public and home Wi-Fi.


This VPN for iPhone is filled with value. Available for a low price, Surfshark is fast, secure as well as is able to unblock major streaming services. This is both reliable and cheap, making it a reliable choice for those who have a limited budget. This app is available on the app store, and it is user-friendly. Also, it offers access to most sought after services such as Hulu and Netflix. This VPN has servers in over 60 countries worldwide. This is relatively fast, which makes it ideal for gaming, video conferencing, and streaming.


With the use of a VPN for iPhone, you can keep all the data and information private. What is more, it will also put off anyone snooping on your browsing and keep stealing your personal information once your iPhone device is connected to the public internet.