Cash Vs. Debit and Some Travel Tips

It's awfully convenient to use that debit card. Just a quick swipe and you're on your way. But sometimes, it's a smarter choice to use good old fashioned cash. Here's why:

Generally, merchants are not permitted to charge more for using a credit or debit card. But they can offer a discount for using cash. This is especially evident at gas stations, where there's a different price for cash and credit purchases. Hopefully, the station will have signs that clearly identify the conditions for each form of purchase. And, also notice, that the price on the street sign must match the price on the pump. In Massachusetts, earlier this year, the Division of Standards upheld fines against two gas stations for not abiding by this rule. Given the high gas prices (I don't care if the cost has come down slightly in recent weeks — .it's still too high), be advised to pay attention at the pump.

And you might also want to pay attention to the following, to save money on your summer traveling costs:

Avoid filling up if you see the delivery tanker at the station. Sediment in the tank can get stirred up when new fuel is added. That might end up in your tank, which would not be a good thing

Change your air filter periodically. A dirty air filter will reduce your gas mileage

In the summer, fill up in the mornings when the temperature is the coolest. Doing that will avoid any possible expansion or evaporation of propane in the tank. (In the winter, filling up midday provides the warmest temperature so pumps and machinery won't freeze)

Check the pressure in your tires. Under-inflated tires can make your car's engine work harder and burn more fuel

I hope these ideas will help you save money. I'm sure you can find other uses for it! Until next time, here's to good planning!

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