Compare Cheap Tickets on, and


You need tickets for an upcoming flight and you’re thinking of ways to buy the cheapest possible ticket. There are three websites that should give you a decent selection to work with:, and Keep in mind, the best ticket is the one with the best value and may not be the cheapest ticket available.



Make a list of possible travel dates and potential airports you can use. The more flexible you can be, the greater the chances you will have of finding tickets with the best value. ;

Create a second list for each airport you’re going to consider, listing fees for parking your car and/or ground transportation costs at your departure and arrival points. This is the only way to determine the true cost of your travel. (Remember, if you’re driving to a major airport, many nearby hotels will let you leave your car there for several days for free if you stay a night with them.);

Visit each of these three online sites –, and – and do a search for the dates you wish to fly. This will give you a range of prices for the same ticket. Be sure to include segment fees, energy surcharges and shipping (shipping the tickets) fees so you’ll have the actual price of your travel choice. ;

Redo the search but this time change the criteria to different airports and travel dates to see if you can save even more money. Remember to look at that list you compiled of parking and ground transportation fees to see if changing airports and/or dates will really save you any money.;

Book your flight when you have found the best reasonable fare, keeping in the mind the convenience of the airports you’re going to use, costs of ground transportation, etc.

Double check with your specific airline(s) to ascertain the latest security requirements for your carryon luggage. These tend to change very quickly and it will save you time if you have your items packed as suggested.;