Murphy was My Traveling Companion

Imagine traveling for an important interview in Las Cruces, New Mexico and having Murphy as your traveling companion. Everything that could go wrong from late flights, missing connections, lost reservations, and even the personal purchase of a new ticket besieged me on this journey. The trip from hell and back is funny years later.

I must admit I made a horrible impression at the interview. All stressed out from both the airport and driving, late from no sense of direction and almost ending up in Mexico explains the deer in the headlight look I gave the interviewers. I walked in with sandy eyes and a cotton filled head, the clothes from the day before makes me wonder what coherent answers if any, I provided.

Returning to the airport, Murphy remained with me. With a hot day, no air-conditioning, stinky stockyards, traffic that was so slow I could have walked faster to the airport and an errant bumblebee I wondered if Murphy hated me. And believe me, when that bumblebee flew in the car, I almost had a heart attack wondering where it landed.

Oh yes, the airport goodness, somehow I managed to get THE last seat on the airplane next to a silent woman who kept sniffing me suspiciously as my deodorant failed. I must have not smelled like roses and the journey lasted several hours. Upright and grateful, I flew home wiser for the experience. And no I did not get the job.…