Tips for Smooth Summer Air Travel

Tips from the insider to make air travel easier during the busy summer season:

Check in online. Whenever possible check in for your flight on the airlines website. The rule of thumb is usually 24 hours prior unless you are a top-tier frequent flyer. Even if you have bags to check, this will save you time as most airports have self-service machines for people checking bags only. It will save you loads of time at the ticket counter and get you on the way through security.

Become a frequent flyer. No, I'm not talking about those of us who fly at least 6 times per year. I'm talking about the frequent flyer programs that each airline has. The more information that the airline has about you such as your address, phone and email address the less likely you will be randomly "selected" for extra screening at security.

Pack light and carry on. This will save you in more ways than one. Most airlines have instituted fees for checking luggage, and it will save you from even having to go to the ticket counter if you've successfully checked in online. Just breeze through security and you're on your way to the gate.

Check the TSA website for updates. The TSA has put together a great website to help travelers get through security quickly and efficiently. This will give you the how-to's you need to know before you go.

Give yourself enough time. Check out the TSA's website that shows the wait times at major airport security across the country before you head out. It is a pretty accurate indication of how long it will take you to get through security. Remember that this is only for security, not the ticket counter so give yourself some extra time if you need to check in or check bags.

Make sure you are prepared with the above tips and you'll be on your way to a great vacation in no time!…

The Best Travel Websites

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Thanks, hubert.…

Pattaya – a Mystic and Exotic Travel Experience

A tour Pattaya is must for people who visit Bangkok as it is the best nearest beach and is well connected through airways and cruise. Pattaya has a beautiful coastline which is flocked by tourists for water sports, sun baths and long walks. The day time is best to travel to Pattaya beaches as there are plenty of beer bars and pubs that cater to people. During the night, the focal point shifts to night clubs, pubs and bars, lady boy cabarets and discotheques. You can travel to Pattaya from anywhere in the world as the city is well connected through international and national airways.

A tour Pattaya is fun even if you are on a short visit. You can go to Tiger zoo or go scuba diving, apart from shopping and gulping cans of beer. You can find a range of hotels here from five star facilities to economy class. The tour operators give you prior information about the accommodation and budget on your tour to Pattaya. Pattaya is a beach city and one can sense fun and frolic even in the air that you breathe. You can order the best of Thai cuisine and seafood. One of the unique products, which are speciality of Pattaya, is seaweed and many tourists travel to Pattaya to buy them.

A visit to Elephant village is possible on your tour to Pattaya as you can see elephants in all shapes and sizes in their natural habitat. You also get to feed them. A tour Pattaya can be a rejenuvating experience as Spas and Sauna baths here are unique. There are special skin and body massages, which touch not only your body but also your soul. There is a glittery show of flamboyant Lady Boys, which is a major tourist attraction for young and old alike.

A tour Pattaya is complete with its breathtaking temples and monasteries. The Buddhist Monks come here to pray and study religion and philosophy. A visit to their monasteries can be one of the most spiritual and serene experiences in your life.…