Clip Air Concept Would Combine Train and Air Travel

A recent article in Gizmag reports that a Swiss company called École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a way to simply air travel, essentially combining it with travel by train.

One generally travels by air currently by going to the air port in a car, parking or being let off, waiting in a long line for baggage claim, waiting in another long line for security checks, taking the air trip, then getting ones baggage, then taking a cab or rented car to one's destination.

EPFL has developed a project called Clip Air that allows one to board a "module" at a train station. Each module would be 98 ft long and weigh 29.5 tons. The module would be taken to an air port where it would be attached to a flying wing, which would take off, fly to the destination airport, then attached to a train which would then go to a station insider the destination city. Baggage and security checks would only happen at the train station.

The flying wing vehicle would be capable of taking up to three modules at a time, with a potential passenger capacity of 450 people. Each module can be specialized for first class, second class, or cargo. The flying wing could run on a variety of biofuels or liquid hydrogen. The flying wing plane could operate from a conventional air port, modified to allow for the rapid detachment of a module from a train and attachment to the flying wing and visa versa.

Freight could be loaded at a rail stop at a factory or distribution center into a module and then shipped by the air port where the module would be attached to a plane and then taken to its destination.

The Clip Air plane remains a concept and a full scale model is still years away from becoming reality. In the meantime, a nearly four feet model of the Clip Air plane will be on display at the 2019 Paris Air Show.…

How to Travel with a Toddler

So how many of you tried to take a road trip with a toddler, aged 1.5 – 3 years old. Even a trip to the local store can be an adventure for our family with little Aaron, 2 year old, in tow. I have tried to think of anything and everything that we can use to entertain him while traveling.

First of all, when going on a trip, it is best to go when the child is normally asleep. If he/she is usually asleep by 9, try to head out around that time, so that (hopefully) the little one will sleep while traveling in the car. Bring an open mind and a soft heart.

One of our lifesavers while traveling has been the MagnaDoodle. You know that toy! The one that has the little pencil with a magnet on the end and the white board with the magnetic particles inside of it. With our little one, he just scribbles. With an older child, you can have him/her draw what they see out the window. If you pass a big building, ask the dear child to draw it for you. Or a big tree. Or an airplane.

Bring along some little cars or baby dolls. You child can play with the cars or feed their baby dolls.

Bring lots and lots of animal crackers, goldfish, string cheese, chips, grapes, or any other snack that your child loves.

If your child is still young enough, bring a lullaby CD. For the older ones, a sing along CD.

Portable DVD player and their favorite movie.

Be sure when you stop to eat or potty, let the children run around a bit. Maybe stop at a fast food restaurant and take it to the closest park. Let them eat, play for a bit, and get their energy out.

Books. Bring plenty of books.

Last but not least, take some Tylenol for yourself. You may need it!!!…