Find the Best School for Travel Nursing



You won't find the same education in one place that you will find in another, which is why travel nursing students should look for the best schools before submitting applications. Although you might not be able to conceivably attend the very best school, you also shouldn't start at the bottom of the barrel. Follow the tips below for finding the best school for travel nursing.



Decide whether you want to attend school in- or out-of-state. If you know that you will be staying in your home state, it limits your search considerably.;

Attend a college fair at your high school or in your community. Representatives from dozens of schools will be there to pass out literature and to answer questions.;

Take brochures and pamphlets from all of the schools that seem promising, and ask the representatives about the nursing programs. In most cases, they will be honest.;

Talk with local healthcare staffing agencies and ask for their recommendations concerning schools. They will have worked in the industry long enough to know which schools are the best for travel nursing.;

Look through all of the brochures you have collected and select your top three. They should be schools that you can reasonably afford and that are within your geographical parameters.;

Call an admissions representative for each of the schools and let them know you are interested in their nursing program. Find out if they have any additional literature that they can send you.;

Share the information you have collected with friends, family members and your counselor at school. Ask for advice about choosing the best school, though the final choice should be yours alone.

Avoid looking at schools you can't afford, unless you think you have a reasonable chance at obtaining a scholarship. It's best to focus on schools that are a real possibility.;

Schedule a tour of your top three schools so that you can get a first-hand glimpse of their facilities and programs.;

Visit the US News website and look at their 'America's Best Colleges 2020' list. They have a registered nursing section.