Horrifying Travel Experiences? Be Sure to Thoroughly Review, Before You Decide to Stay

After having spent the past few years traveling throughout Europe with my family, I have learned a few key lessons about traveling. One of the foremost being: thoroughly review a facility before you decide to stay the night there.

We were up Norway sightseeing for our summer vacation. As always, mom had already researched and booked places for us to stay during our travels. In most cases, it was a hostel or perhaps a hotel, depending on what type of area we were in. Well this time it was just a little hostel ran by a middle aged woman. Everything looked nice and homey from what we had seen in the pictures online… it was homey all right. So we arrive there finally after hours of driving, and it turns out that it is just a house. Confused, we approached the door and inquired if this was the right place. Sure enough it was. The exterior of the house was decent and well maintained, but the inside… yikes! Okay, this lady was a packrat. Random things and junk were everywhere inside the house. On top of that, we discovered that we weren't the only tenants in the house. There were 13 in total. -Now you must understand that this house was not meant to be an apartment. It was a standard house with perhaps five or six bedrooms and two floors. Looking back it was definitely a trip to remember. The house was noisy and chaotic for the entire time. The people downstairs enjoyed partying and watching movies all night long. We ended up staying at that house for three or so nights. No one was sad to leave when the time came.

From that experience I learned the value of thoroughly reviewing the places that you are thinking about staying at. Sometimes it's worth it to pay a bit more money and be assured a safe and hospitable facility to spend the night in.