How To Make A Travel Blog

You decided to take the sabbatical year from work and to travel the world as you always dreamed. You have the itinerary ready, and you are eagerly waiting for the day when you will leave for the trip of your lifetime. You have everything packed, but how about the memories? Is it enough to post on Facebook and Instagram? Or you want to share your experiences with everyone that wants to read about them? If this is the case, then you should think about making a travel blog.


But I want to travel, not to code


Don’t worry, as you have all the tools required to design your blog on your way to the airport! All you need to start is a beautiful name for your website and a web hosting mexico mejores service. Usually, the majority of reputable  companies will allow you to search for a domain and to buy it with them, and also build a great website connected with it.

Looking for a domain name is more complicated than it sounds, as you will want to give your website a memorable title. However, the majority of .com domains in traveling are already taken. Don’t worry, as today you can find many extensions with thousands of great free domains.


Today, it is possible to buy a domain with extensions such as .travel or .info. If you are looking for a recognizable domain name to write about your Asian experiences, then you should be able to find a domain such as or something straightforward for your visitors to remember.


Another idea is to give the blog your name. Google does not rank websites based on the domain name, so you can easily rank your travel website even if it is named


This strategy works mainly for influencer travelers that are already known online and can bring visitors to their website from social media and other marketing channels.


Putting the website online


If you can find a complete web hosting company, they should be able to sell you an excellent package for beginners, as well as a website builder to create your online experience. The alternative to a specific website builder is WordPress, a that should be an option with the majority of hosting websites online.


It takes some time to learn the basics of WP, but it is a great platform allowing you to customize your blog in minutes! Once you have it ready, you will need to upload it online and to start growing its ranks.


Hosting and Monetization


If you are an influencer and you know you will have thousands of visitors to your website from the start, you could think about your site on a Virtual Private Server, the best solution for an average website. This solution costs more than shared hosting, so your webpage should also make some money to cover these expenses. AdSense and other marketing networks can give you serious incomes based on the number of visitors you have, and it can make your writing experience a very fruitful one!