My Childhoods Most Horrific Summer Travel Experience

As a child, we liked to go to Carolina Beach, NC in the summer. The sand was warm, the ocean was cool, and the wind was just right. Getting there on the other hand was sometimes as memorable as the vacation was but for all the wrong reasons.

The most horrific trip to the coast happened in early August of 1980. We had taken two vehicles that summer because we had my cousin, aunt, and uncle with us also. It was the only time that I ever got to ride in the front seat of out Dodge Dart. I was really enjoying the view and the cool summer morning breeze as it lifted my spirits away from the doldrums of a hot steamy summer in Greensboro.

Suddenly I heard the screech of the tires and the even louder yell blaring from the top of my Mom's lungs as the car lunged forward. With a "crack" my head hit the windshield of the car shattering the glass into the exact formation of a spider's web. Fortunately for me was the fact that at 12 years old, I only weighed a mere 110 pounds or else I would have been shot through the glass like a cannon ball through space until I splatted on the pavement like a mosquito on our windshield just had moments before.

Spending the first day of our vacation in the New Hanover County Hospital was not how I had envisioned the trip starting out. It was made worse by the fact that the doctor liked to joke with my Mom about how hard headed I must be for my skull to be intact. I am glad someone had a laugh that day.