The Best Travel Websites

Hello everyone and welcome to my short article about a perfect source for Travel websites.
There is a site called and clicking on this link will take you straight to their travel category listing. There you will be able to find the most trusted and known websites on which you can book hotels and buy airline tickets. If you would like to book a cruise that is not a problem as well because these sites deal with all of the above and more.
The sites as you will see are well known and even you have probably heard about them at some time. What is cool about this directory is that there is also a section showing you which of those sites offer discounts and deals currently so you can save yourself some cash.
When you are looking for a site on the internet for airline tickets and hotels etc. you will find those sites probably without a problem but what you most likely wont find is the discounts and deals they offer. The site which has this category on it is as i see still under construction and looks like it is going to be a blast to use for me whenever I'm looking for something on the web. I hope this was helpfull and hope that this will help anyone looking for a good travel site quickly.
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Pattaya – a Mystic and Exotic Travel Experience

A tour Pattaya is must for people who visit Bangkok as it is the best nearest beach and is well connected through airways and cruise. Pattaya has a beautiful coastline which is flocked by tourists for water sports, sun baths and long walks. The day time is best to travel to Pattaya beaches as there are plenty of beer bars and pubs that cater to people. During the night, the focal point shifts to night clubs, pubs and bars, lady boy cabarets and discotheques. You can travel to Pattaya from anywhere in the world as the city is well connected through international and national airways.

A tour Pattaya is fun even if you are on a short visit. You can go to Tiger zoo or go scuba diving, apart from shopping and gulping cans of beer. You can find a range of hotels here from five star facilities to economy class. The tour operators give you prior information about the accommodation and budget on your tour to Pattaya. Pattaya is a beach city and one can sense fun and frolic even in the air that you breathe. You can order the best of Thai cuisine and seafood. One of the unique products, which are speciality of Pattaya, is seaweed and many tourists travel to Pattaya to buy them.

A visit to Elephant village is possible on your tour to Pattaya as you can see elephants in all shapes and sizes in their natural habitat. You also get to feed them. A tour Pattaya can be a rejenuvating experience as Spas and Sauna baths here are unique. There are special skin and body massages, which touch not only your body but also your soul. There is a glittery show of flamboyant Lady Boys, which is a major tourist attraction for young and old alike.

A tour Pattaya is complete with its breathtaking temples and monasteries. The Buddhist Monks come here to pray and study religion and philosophy. A visit to their monasteries can be one of the most spiritual and serene experiences in your life.…

Cash Vs. Debit and Some Travel Tips

It's awfully convenient to use that debit card. Just a quick swipe and you're on your way. But sometimes, it's a smarter choice to use good old fashioned cash. Here's why:

Generally, merchants are not permitted to charge more for using a credit or debit card. But they can offer a discount for using cash. This is especially evident at gas stations, where there's a different price for cash and credit purchases. Hopefully, the station will have signs that clearly identify the conditions for each form of purchase. And, also notice, that the price on the street sign must match the price on the pump. In Massachusetts, earlier this year, the Division of Standards upheld fines against two gas stations for not abiding by this rule. Given the high gas prices (I don't care if the cost has come down slightly in recent weeks — .it's still too high), be advised to pay attention at the pump.

And you might also want to pay attention to the following, to save money on your summer traveling costs:

Avoid filling up if you see the delivery tanker at the station. Sediment in the tank can get stirred up when new fuel is added. That might end up in your tank, which would not be a good thing

Change your air filter periodically. A dirty air filter will reduce your gas mileage

In the summer, fill up in the mornings when the temperature is the coolest. Doing that will avoid any possible expansion or evaporation of propane in the tank. (In the winter, filling up midday provides the warmest temperature so pumps and machinery won't freeze)

Check the pressure in your tires. Under-inflated tires can make your car's engine work harder and burn more fuel

I hope these ideas will help you save money. I'm sure you can find other uses for it! Until next time, here's to good planning!

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Find the Best School for Travel Nursing



You won't find the same education in one place that you will find in another, which is why travel nursing students should look for the best schools before submitting applications. Although you might not be able to conceivably attend the very best school, you also shouldn't start at the bottom of the barrel. Follow the tips below for finding the best school for travel nursing.



Decide whether you want to attend school in- or out-of-state. If you know that you will be staying in your home state, it limits your search considerably.;

Attend a college fair at your high school or in your community. Representatives from dozens of schools will be there to pass out literature and to answer questions.;

Take brochures and pamphlets from all of the schools that seem promising, and ask the representatives about the nursing programs. In most cases, they will be honest.;

Talk with local healthcare staffing agencies and ask for their recommendations concerning schools. They will have worked in the industry long enough to know which schools are the best for travel nursing.;

Look through all of the brochures you have collected and select your top three. They should be schools that you can reasonably afford and that are within your geographical parameters.;

Call an admissions representative for each of the schools and let them know you are interested in their nursing program. Find out if they have any additional literature that they can send you.;

Share the information you have collected with friends, family members and your counselor at school. Ask for advice about choosing the best school, though the final choice should be yours alone.

Avoid looking at schools you can't afford, unless you think you have a reasonable chance at obtaining a scholarship. It's best to focus on schools that are a real possibility.;

Schedule a tour of your top three schools so that you can get a first-hand glimpse of their facilities and programs.;

Visit the US News website and look at their 'America's Best Colleges 2020' list. They have a registered nursing section.…

Travel Horror Story: Instant Mommy in London

About ten years ago, I visited London on a ten day vacation. Most of the trip went well until the last two days. I had met up with a friend from Canada, and she took me to visit a family she had befriended a few years earlier.

The family of four seemed nice enough, but within about ten minutes of arriving, their young daughter began calling me “mummy.” I have always been uncomfortable around children. I kept saying, “You already have a mommy.” The daughter would reply with, “If something happens to our mummy, will you be our ?” The mother sat next to me, and seemed unaffected.

The next afternoon, I happened to be standing in the hallway when the parents walked in with their daughter. The second the girl saw me, she ran up yelling, “MUMMY!!!!” and threw her arms around my legs. I looked up, and the mother said, “I think you’re making our guest uncomfortable,” then walked in the other room.

Later, I found myself sitting with the daughter on one knee, the family’s dog on the other, and their cat on my back. My friend, who loves both children and cats, sat there begging the cat and the girl to come sit with her. While I missed the girl and her family when the trip was over, it was one of the most uncomfortable situations in which I have ever found myself, and I was very happy to get out of there.…

Traveling with Kids: Valley of Fires Recreation Area

Our family recently visited Valley of Fires Recreation Area while on vacation to the Southwest. Traveling with kids always presents unique challenges. But we found that Valley of Fires in New Mexico was exciting not just for our two children, but for me and my husband as well.


Near Carrizozo in the Tularosa Valley of Central New Mexico.

Cost Per Day:

  • $5 per car carrying two or more
  • $7 to camp
  • $12-$25 for RVs, shelters, etc.


  • Visitor's Center with literature and gifts.
  • Paved trail with interpretive displays.
  • Picnic tables and restrooms.

What We Liked:

  • It is one of the first outdoor recreation spots you'll reach coming into New Mexico from the East or Northeast. It came at just the right time for us – when we really needed to stretch our legs.
  • The path is exciting, but not dangerous. I could let our three year old get a few yards ahead without fear and they could safely jog and skip.
  • The abundant, shiny hunks of black lava are unlike anything most people have seen. The kids are amazed and curious, but so are parents.
  • There is a lot to learn at every level. Parents can delve into the ecology of the terrain and the complex geology. For kids, there are simple lessons to learn through observation: the unique adaptations of desert plants, the ripples in the rock that show how it was once liquid, the animals and bugs scurrying into cracks and holes in the lava.
  • The scenery is gorgeous. The whole Tularosa Valley is spectacular before and after Carrizozo. You definitely want to take a look up from the path once in a while and appreciate the beauty of the whole area.

What We Didn't Like:

  • Although the picnic shelters were very nice, the restroom stalls didn't have flush "potties", sinks, or hand sanitizer. Everything was clean, however, and well maintained. Acceptable for what is was, but expect to be changing diapers in your car and pack Purell.

Horrifying Travel Experiences? Be Sure to Thoroughly Review, Before You Decide to Stay

After having spent the past few years traveling throughout Europe with my family, I have learned a few key lessons about traveling. One of the foremost being: thoroughly review a facility before you decide to stay the night there.

We were up Norway sightseeing for our summer vacation. As always, mom had already researched and booked places for us to stay during our travels. In most cases, it was a hostel or perhaps a hotel, depending on what type of area we were in. Well this time it was just a little hostel ran by a middle aged woman. Everything looked nice and homey from what we had seen in the pictures online… it was homey all right. So we arrive there finally after hours of driving, and it turns out that it is just a house. Confused, we approached the door and inquired if this was the right place. Sure enough it was. The exterior of the house was decent and well maintained, but the inside… yikes! Okay, this lady was a packrat. Random things and junk were everywhere inside the house. On top of that, we discovered that we weren't the only tenants in the house. There were 13 in total. -Now you must understand that this house was not meant to be an apartment. It was a standard house with perhaps five or six bedrooms and two floors. Looking back it was definitely a trip to remember. The house was noisy and chaotic for the entire time. The people downstairs enjoyed partying and watching movies all night long. We ended up staying at that house for three or so nights. No one was sad to leave when the time came.

From that experience I learned the value of thoroughly reviewing the places that you are thinking about staying at. Sometimes it's worth it to pay a bit more money and be assured a safe and hospitable facility to spend the night in.…

Mid-Summer Nightmare: The Hazard of Travelling Alone

Maybe it was just traveling alone, but an eerie feeling was in the air. It was July 4th weekend and I was on a road trip. Having a hard time , I headed into the heart of town. A flashing red “Vacancy” sign stating $19.99 caught my eye. I cautiously looked around and decided to give the place a try.

I was greeted by a clerk straight out of “Bates Motel.” As he spoke, his beady eyes and quirky smile sent shivers up my spine. As he took my information, he asked, “How many in your party?” I replied, “One.” “What an idiot move,” I thought later. To my dismay he gave me the room right next to the office. I looked for a hidden doorway that would allow him to sneak in and reinforced the door with a chair. As I lay down I remember thinking, “I can’t wait till morning.”

What seemed only minutes later, I awoke to loud banging! The police were yelling for people to get down! I heard someone scream about a gun! I was frozen in terror. I listened, trying to figure out what was happening, when I heard the most peculiar thing. It was the sound of a commercial. I looked around the room, trying to decipher what was going on.

The noises I had heard were from the television I had left on. The whole incident was part of a movie. In my paranoia, I had dreamt the whole thing!…

Traveling on the Berlin U-Bahn for the First Time

There Are No Turnstiles or Gates – Berlin's U-Bahn is based on an honor system. The ticket machines are on the platforms, but there seems to be nothing stopping you from boarding the train without your ticket. However, police patrol the subways constantly, sometimes disguised as civilians and randomly check passengers for their tickets. If you do not have a valid ticket or lost your ticket, then you have to pay a very high fine. If this happens the 3rd time, you have to go to court. Do not risk this, and always travel on the U-Bahn with a valid ticket.

You Have to Manually Open the Subway Doors – This concept is awkward for foreigners who are used to the subway cars opening automatically. On the Berlin U-Bahn, you have to either pull a latch or press a button to open the train door, either from the inside or the outside. If someone presses it first, then you are free to enter or exit.

The Train Stations are Very Long – Berlin is a very large city and the trains are very long. Therefore there is an entrance to the U-Bahn at one end of the subway platform and at the other end. These entrances are a long distance apart, so if you get out at the wrong exit, you may have to walk far to get where you really wanted to go.

The Ticket Machines are Finicky With Cash – The ticket machines in the U-Bahn do not like making change, so paying for your ticket in exact change or close to exact change is preferred. It also only accepts very crisp new Euro bills. You can alternatively pay with a debit card, but not a credit card where you would have to sign.

The Trains Run Very Frequently – If you miss a train as you enter the station, relax, because the next one will come within 2-5 minutes. You will typically wait no more than 10 minutes for a train, but most come every few minutes, and are rarely delayed. Since the U-Bahn system is largely dependable, you can time your commute fairly well once you travelled it once.…

Travel Inspirations: The Most Famous Movie Locations in Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Post, over 185 movies have been filmed in Washington, D.C. And while many families choose to vacation in our nation’s capital for obvious historical and cultural reasons, movie buffs have a lot to enjoy while spending time in the city as well.

If you have a trip planned to Washington in the next few months, make sure to check out these famous film locations located in our nation’s capital. Getting your kids excited about American history can be tough…getting them excited about their favorite movies is easy!

  1.  Union Station

As seen in: “Minority Report”, “Hannibal”, and “Head of State”

In real life: Union station is both an active train station and a shopping mall area, meaning you will have plenty of locations to pick souvenirs from while you reminisce about your favorite movie scenes filmed at this spot.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington also featured a scene at Union Station. However, this film contains no scenes shot on location; the entire movie was filmed on a soundstage.

  1.  The National Archives

As seen in: “All the President’s Men”, “JFK”, and “National Treasure”

In real life: The National Archives Building is located on the National Mall, and is home to copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Bill of Rights. Interestingly, there is also a copy of the Magna Carta.

  1.  Riggs Bank

As seen in: “Transformers” and “The Pelican Brief”

In real life: The Riggs Bank is famous for its gold dome, making it iconic and instantly recognizable. You may want to limit the time you spend within the bank as a courtesy to workers and customers, but you could take plenty of exterior snapshots.

  1.  The Lincoln Memorial

As seen in: A vast list of films, including “Thank You for Smoking”, “Forrest Gump”, “G.I. Jane”, “Independence Day”, “Armageddon”, “Nixon”, and “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, among many others.

In real life: The Lincoln Memorial is a very popular tourist attraction in the city. Lincoln is one of our most beloved presidents, so it comes as no surprise that this landmark is popular among visitors and film directors alike.

What are some of your favorite film moments that take place in DC? Do you have a favorite film location I overlooked? Let me know in the comments below!