Summer Travel Horror Story

Some years back my husband and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a week end vacation to Florida. We live in and back then 27 South was two lanes all the way to the Florida line. Our trip started out just fine we gassed our car and headed out.

After about two hundred miles we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. We started seeing deer everywhere on the side of the highway. At first it was exciting to see them, but after the first fifteen they began to loose appeal.

They really lost their appeal when one ran into our car. It busted the radiator, knocked the headlight loose and rolled over the top of the car. We were in the middle of no where, no phone, no passersby and the car wouldn’t run. We walked what seemed like a million miles until we finally got a ride to the next town.

There we had to pay to have our car towed to the town we were in. The tow truck driver recommended someone to fix the radiator, but they couldn’t get to it until the next day. We were so tired that we rented a room at the local hotel and slept strait through until the next afternoon. By the time we got up and got our car both the week end and our money was gone. We left that little town with our tails tucked never to return.