The Best Travel Websites

Hello everyone and welcome to my short article about a perfect source for Travel websites.
There is a site called and clicking on this link will take you straight to their travel category listing. There you will be able to find the most trusted and known websites on which you can book hotels and buy airline tickets. If you would like to book a cruise that is not a problem as well because these sites deal with all of the above and more.
The sites as you will see are well known and even you have probably heard about them at some time. What is cool about this directory is that there is also a section showing you which of those sites offer discounts and deals currently so you can save yourself some cash.
When you are looking for a site on the internet for airline tickets and hotels etc. you will find those sites probably without a problem but what you most likely wont find is the discounts and deals they offer. The site which has this category on it is as i see still under construction and looks like it is going to be a blast to use for me whenever I'm looking for something on the web. I hope this was helpfull and hope that this will help anyone looking for a good travel site quickly.
Thanks, hubert.