Travel Advice: Historic Inns Require Research

A recent post from the Worcester Telegram reveals the importance of doing research on historic inns before booking a vacation. Karen Schwartz shares her disappointing story of staying at an inn that did not meet her expectations. Although there is an abundance of information online, there are people who still skip the necessary step of research before taking a vacation.

The Worcester Telegram recommends finding updated photos and descriptions for the historic inns before making a decision. In addition, it is important to find legitimate reviews from other travelers about their experiences. Recent blog posts highlight that videos from the destinations can also be useful, and social media provides a new outlet for information. Online resources for resorts and lodges often require historic inns to provide recent photographs and videos of their buildings and not post misleading information. This is why it is best to find resources that include both professional and traveler photos, so people get a chance to see the real premises and avoid an uncomfortable surprise after arriving.

Schwartz mentions that it is also important to ask about renovations, demand details about climate control and question security standards. Historic inns may be charming, but they are not guaranteed to meet the modern standards of many travelers. One of the biggest complaints about the inns tends to be the lack of individual bathrooms or small bathrooms. Many historic properties still have shared bathroom facilities with outdated fixtures. Additionally, rooms are not always standardized at one inn, so some of the rooms may provide completely different amenities.

Before making a reservation, it is crucial to ask the right questions and find out if the resorts or inns will be suitable. Price should not be the only part of the equation. The quest for a historic experience often leaves guests wishing they had turned to a modern hotel.