Travel Horror Story

I am the kind of person who always leaves ample time to get through security and to my gate. However, one time I barely made it.

It was the first day they did not allow people to bring liquids on the plane. I had a brand new bottle of expensive cologne that I took in my carry-on luggage to ensure it would not be damaged in my checked bag. It wasn't until I waited for an hour to get to the x-ray machine in security that I was told I could not bring liquids on the plane.

I was not about to throw away a brand new bottle of expensive cologne, so I ran to the counter to check it in. The line was unbelievably long. There was no way I was going to make my flight after waiting in this line.

I flagged down a manager and told her my situation. She let me cut in front of at least one hundred people to check my cologne. She then escorted me to the front of the security line.

I sprinted to the gate and boarded with the last boarding group. I barely made my flight thanks to the kindness of that manager. What a hectic morning!