Travel Inspirations: The Most Famous Movie Locations in Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Post, over 185 movies have been filmed in Washington, D.C. And while many families choose to vacation in our nation’s capital for obvious historical and cultural reasons, movie buffs have a lot to enjoy while spending time in the city as well.

If you have a trip planned to Washington in the next few months, make sure to check out these famous film locations located in our nation’s capital. Getting your kids excited about American history can be tough…getting them excited about their favorite movies is easy!

  1.  Union Station

As seen in: “Minority Report”, “Hannibal”, and “Head of State”

In real life: Union station is both an active train station and a shopping mall area, meaning you will have plenty of locations to pick souvenirs from while you reminisce about your favorite movie scenes filmed at this spot.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington also featured a scene at Union Station. However, this film contains no scenes shot on location; the entire movie was filmed on a soundstage.

  1.  The National Archives

As seen in: “All the President’s Men”, “JFK”, and “National Treasure”

In real life: The National Archives Building is located on the National Mall, and is home to copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Bill of Rights. Interestingly, there is also a copy of the Magna Carta.

  1.  Riggs Bank

As seen in: “Transformers” and “The Pelican Brief”

In real life: The Riggs Bank is famous for its gold dome, making it iconic and instantly recognizable. You may want to limit the time you spend within the bank as a courtesy to workers and customers, but you could take plenty of exterior snapshots.

  1.  The Lincoln Memorial

As seen in: A vast list of films, including “Thank You for Smoking”, “Forrest Gump”, “G.I. Jane”, “Independence Day”, “Armageddon”, “Nixon”, and “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, among many others.

In real life: The Lincoln Memorial is a very popular tourist attraction in the city. Lincoln is one of our most beloved presidents, so it comes as no surprise that this landmark is popular among visitors and film directors alike.

What are some of your favorite film moments that take place in DC? Do you have a favorite film location I overlooked? Let me know in the comments below!