Vancouver Travel Tips – Jericho Beach Park

Jericho Beach Park – Things to do

Jericho Beach Park is located in a quieter area of Vancouver, nearing the University of British Columbia. You get to that area of town by taking West 4th Avenue west toward the UBC Campus and then stopping near or at Alma Streat. One thing that really makes this park stick out is that it is not really a commercial area so if you want somewhere nice to have a picnic without all the fast food joints and clubs then this is certainly it.

There are loads of things to do is this area including:

(1) Swimming. Although the water isn't the greatest and even though swimming outdoors is Canada without a thermal wetsuit might only be adviseable for about 8 weeks a year there are still a lot of people in the water at Jericho Beach during the summer months.

(2) Investigating the beaches at low tides. All kinds of plants, crabs, and fish get left behind when the shores recede each day and there are often kids out there taking a look and learning about the local flora and fauna.

(3) On numerous occasions I have seen people fishing off the docks and crabbing. I do not know if they are doing so legally so check to see if a license is required. Legal or not however they are very successful as crabs seem to get caught with every launch.

If you aren't interested in the above activities there are other things to do in the area, including (4) kayaking, (5) wind sailing, and (6) tennis.

For nearby accommodation there is a hostel nearby for backpackers (see my reviews of Jericho Beach Hostel) or stay in the Shaughnessy area (there's a Holiday Inn). Parking is paid in this park so be sure to factor that cost into your day.