What to Pack when Traveling with Kids

  1. Locate drug and grocery stores close to your hotel. They are your cheap source for water, snacks, diapers and milk. Carry some low-sugar snacks for the trip as well.
  2. Reserve a microwave, skip the fridge if there is a minibar. Book a pack n play.
  3. Pack your child's meds, including painkiller/fever reducer, teething pain relief, gas relief, sunblock and topical antihistamine. TSA allows meds, milk and juice more than 3.4 oz in carry on bags.
  4. Carry a few favorite (small) toys, games, books, and some new cheap toys as well. Pack activity books, crayons and stickers for toddlers and up. Many kid-friendly hotels have games and DVDs you can check out.
  5. Avoid packing too many white clothes. Stick to off-white, earthy colors and prints that hide messes.
  6. If you have kids in diapers, pack a little powdered detergent in a ziploc bag.
  7. Bring lots of wipes. Baby wipes double as family face wipes. Antibacterial (Wet Ones) wipes are useful too.
  8. Pack ziploc bags (in different sizes), rubber bands, a few plastic cutlery and some tupper-ware.
  9. Ask the car rental company if they can provide a complimentary car seat (Hertz does under AAA promotion).
  10. Finally, don't over-schedule. Vacations are for relaxing and kids get tired fast.